slow pc

Slow PC Issues

Slow PC Issues

Computers get bogged down over time, it's a fact of life. The more you use them the more extra items get created on the computer. These items all load at the same time when starting your computer, and can also run in the background even though you don't need them. When they take up too much memory, your performance can be affected.

How We Can Help

We work with slow computers on a daily basis. Our technicians will go through your computer and remove unnecessary items. These are not your personal programs or files, they are files that you didn't even know existed and just pile up in the background over time. All of out technicians are capable of locating these items and cleaning on your system to make it perform more efficiently.

Slow PC

 green_check Freezing
 green_check Long Boot Time
 green_check Faded Windows
 green_check Slow Browsing